NAME:             William C. Morris


POSITION:       Professor/Specialist




Degree              Major                             Institution                                                 Date


B.S.                   Animal Science Southern Illinois University                                   1965

M.S.                  Animal Nutrition Southern Illinois University                                   1966

Ph.D.                Animal Science Iowa State University                                            1972


Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology (1993-present)

Associate Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology (1989-1993)

Acting Department Head, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, The University of Tennessee (1988-1989)

Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, The University of Tennessee (1987-1988),

Technical Superintendent, A.E. Stately Manufacturing Company (1983-1987)

Central Q.A. Laboratory Manager, A.E. Stately Manufacturing Company (1979-1983)

Q.A, Supervisor, A.E. Stately Manufacturing Company (1977-1979)

Research Food and Nutritionist, A.E. Stately Manufacturing Company (1973-1977)

Research Nutritionist, Kellogg Company (1972-1973)


As a specialist in Food Science and Technology, provide technical expertise to small and intermediate processors in the fruit, vegetable, sorghum and wine industries. Take leadership in initiating workshops on food safety, starting small food business and HACCP. Participate and provide technical information to the Center For Profitable Agriculture where appropriate. Provide in-service training to county extension faculty in the area of food safety, entrepreneurship, food labeling, home food preservation and current food issues. Respond to clientele by telephone, e-mail and mail on questions about specific food issues or problems. Provide technical information to the media (tv, radio, newspapers) when appropriate. Provide technical consultation to speciality food companies. Provide Better Process Control School courses to the low acid and acidified food industry. Coordinate a regional wine competition entitled “Wines of The South”.


Membership in Professional Societies:

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) (Regional Section and National)

The International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians (IMFES)

Southeastern Food Processors Association, on the Board of Directors and Food Forum Editor

Board Advisor To:

Southeastern Food Processors Association

Tennessee Viticulture and Onelogical Society

Tennessee Farm Winery Association

National Sweet Sorghum Producer and Processor Association

Tennessee Specialty Food Association, Inc. (helped start Association in 1998)

Professional Recognition:

ES-USDA Review team for competitive Food Safety Grants

Epsilon Sigma Phi Extension - Early Career Award

Gamma Sigma Delta - Honor Society for Agriculture

Alpha Zeta - Honor Society for Agriculture

Phi Kappa Phi - Scholastic Honor Society

Southeastern Food Processors Association Undergraduate Food Science Scholarship Award Honoring

W. C. Morris - $500/yr, 1996 - present

The Robert Cook Southeastern Food Processors Memorial Scholarship Award $4800, 2001

Homer Blitz Award from the Tennessee Viticulture and Onelogical Society, 2002

The William C. Morris Southeastern Food Processors Association Scholarship Endowment, $17,500, 2003

U. S. Food and Drug Administration 2004 Commissioners Special Citation Award


                                                                                                                                                                          Activities in Professional Societies:

Institute of Food Technologists (Vol Section)

Secretary/Treasurer (1991-1994)

Institute of Food Technologists

Scientific Communicator (1991-present)





Acting Department Head, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, 1988-1989

Faculty Senate 1995-1998

Faculty Senate Alternate 2004


Institute of Agriculture

Search Committee Chairman, 80% extension/20% Research Position 1998-1999

Co-Chairman, Extension Food Safety and Quality Initiative Team, 1992-1998

Committee Member - Food Safety and Quality Initiative 1998-present

Tenure Mentor Committees - Dr. Greg Hulbert and Dr. P. M. Davidson (Chairman)

Departmental Strategic Planning Review Committee

Chairman of FS&T Department Newsletter Committee 1995 -present

Department Awards Committee Member, 2000-present

FS&T Department Head Search Committee Member, 2003

Committee Member - Biosecurity Task Force for UTIA, 2003 - present

Search Committee Member, Food Chemist Position, 2004





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Russell, K., Weiss, J., Morris, W. C., Penfield, M. and Zivanovic, L. Resubmitted December 2003 to Journal of Food Quality,The Effects of Glass Shape on the Concentration of Polyphenolic Compounds and Perception of Merlot Wines, American Chemical Society, 2002.


Jarrard Jr., M., Morris, W. C. and Weiss, J. Development of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance System (QCM) for Detection and Quantification of Real-Time Volatile Compound Production in the Headspace of Wine Glasses. Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement, CASNR, University of Tennessee.


Video Production:

Lockwood, D., Morris, W. C., Algood, T. T. and Cann, D.T., 1994. The Art of Making Apple Cider.


Morris, W. C., Geraldson, M. G. and Cann, D. T., 1994. Selling Sweet Sorghum.


Morris, W. C., Disney, G. W., and Cann, D.T., 1995:

Microbeman: The Continuing Adventures (4 part Series) 1995.

- The Case of The Perfect Pig.

        - The Case of Wally’s Salad.

        - The Case of La Grande Burger.

        - The Case of Conrad The Egg Head.


Morris, W.C. and Cann D. T., 1996:

LATCH-Host Sorghum.

Sorghum Festival.

Victor Stoll’s Sorghum.


Morris, W. C. and Cann D. T., 1996, Volatile Acidity Analysis, The Cash Still-Wine.


Morris, W. C. and Cann, D. T. 1998, A Showcase of Tennessee.









W. C. Morris and G. W. Disney, Food Safety Program for Low Literacy Food Handlers, 1994, $32,145.

Tamplin, M. L and Morris, W. C., Implementation of Increasing Consumer Acceptance of Irradiated Food Through Consumer Targeted Educational Programs 1995, $16,741, USDA..


Morris ,W. C. and Disney, G. W., Food Safety Programs for Low Literacy Food Handlers., 1995, $19,926, USDA.


Morris, W. C. and Melton, C. C. Expanding and Utilizing Educational Materials Developed for Training of Commercial Food Handlers. 1995-1998, $75,000 ($25,000/yr for 3 years) USDA.


Morris, W. C. and Disney, G. W., National Recommendation for Disaster Food Handling 1996, $48,813. USDA.


Tamplin, M. L., Morris, W. C. and Costello, C. A., Increasing Food Safety Training for the Food Service Industry Through Interactive Software Programs, 1996, $64,971, USDA.


Lockwood, D. L., Morris, W. C. and Algood, T.T Application of Viticulture and Enology to Tennessee Wines, 1998, $5000. Tennessee Viticulture and Onelogical Society.


Davidson, P.M., Morris, W.C. and Costello, C. A. Web Based Food Safety Training to Vocational High School Teacher, 1999, $52,693, USDA.


Davidson, P.M., Morris, W.C. and Costello, C.C., HACCP Training for Food Service and Train the Trainer for County Faculty, 1999, $30,000, USDA..


Morris, W. C. and Baxter, S., FDA, TDA and UTIA Joint Partnership Agreement, 1996-2002, $14,000 ($2,000/year). U. S. Food and Drug Administration.


Lockwood, D.W. and Morris, W. C. Fresh Produce Safety Training For the Southeast 2000-2002, subcontract with NCSU, $12,800.CREES, USDA.


Costello, C. A., Davidson, P.M. and Morris, W. C. Morris. Internet -Based Food safety Education for Food Handlers Serving At-Risk Populations, 2001, $31,950, Center of Excellence for Food Safety.


Morris, W. C., Davidson, P. M., Costello, C. A., and Haughton, B. Assessment of Food Safety Education materials and training Programs in day care Centers and Nursing Homes, 2002, $12,775, Center of Excellence for Food Safety.


Lockwood, D. L. and Morris, W. C. A Fresh Produce Food Safety Training Program and Curriculum development for the Southeast, 2004, subcontract with NCSU, $13,120. CREES, USDA.


Hill, T. K., Morris, W. C. and Wilson, J. L. Educational Outreach to Private Freshwater Prawn Producers For Increased Economic Opportunities, 2003-2004,$12,022 Tennessee Department of Agriculture.


Morris, W. C., Davidson, P. M., Costello, C. A., Devereaux, M. J. And Haughton, B. A Multi-Faceted Approach to Improve Food Safety For Child Care Providers. 2003-2006, $430,000. CREES, USDA.


Morris, W. C. Formation of The Tennessee Food Safety Task Force, 2002, 2003 $10,000. U. S. Food and Drug Administration.



Better Process Control Schools $98,322

Food Safety Certification Workshops $3,500

HACCP Workshops, 2003, $1,350





Basic Computer Training, 1995

Media Training, Sponsored by Institute of Food Technology, 1996

FDA and AFDOS Course on Hermetically Sealed Low Acid and Acidified Foods, 1996

The University of Arizona Better Process Control School - Train-the-Trainer Course, 1997

Seafood HACCP Alliance in Cooperation with the Association of Food and Drug Officials -

      Train-the-Trainer Course, 1997.

Illinois Certified Safe Cider Maker School, 1997.

Developing and Implementing HACCP Programs in Small Meat and Poultry Processing Plants - Trainer, 1998. (006405061998-10238)

Certified Trainer for the National Restaurant Association’s SERVSAFE Training Program, 1998

Power Point Presentation, 1998

National Workshop on Reducing the Microbiological Risk of Fresh Produce, 1999

Lotus Notes Training, 1999

Institute of Food Technology Annual Meeting, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001

Apple Cider Food Safety Control Workshop, FDA, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition,1999

Third Party Audit for Fresh Produce Food Safety, NCSU, 2004



Activities Abroad

County/Area                  Purpose and Sponsorship                                                 Dates

México                            Co-instructor for a HACCP Workshop;                              October 13-14, 1998

                                      Instutito Technológico y de Estudios Superiores

                                      de Monterrey - Campus Querétaro












Tennessee Viticultures and Onelogical Society

           Wine Analysis Workshops (Hands on 4 hours), this was done at three meetings

           Wine Sanitation


           Effect of Cooking on Residual Alcohol


American Wine Society

           Wine Analysis Demonstration


Illinois Winemakers and Vitners Association

          Workshops on Wine Analysis and Sanitation


Southeastern Apple Growers Annual Meeting

           Apple Cider Safety

           Good Manufacturing Practices and Sanitation

           Regulations Governing Food Manufacturing


National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association

          Crystallization, Use of Enzymes and the Refractometer

           GMP’s and Sanitation

           Labeling Your Syrup

           Adulteration With Corn Syrup



School Food Service Workers - Food Safety Presentations

           Eastern, Middle and Western area meetings sponsored by the Tennessee Department of education. (Each session was comprised of approximately 200-250 food service workers.)

          Hamilton County (>600 workers/managers)

           Rutherford County (>50 workers/managers)

           Tipton County (>50 workers/managers)

           Blount County (>175 workers/managers)

Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Association

           Apple Cider Safety


Retail Food Protection Course (Co-Instructor)

          FDA and TDA Inspectors - Food Safety


Nutrition Science Institute

(Sponsored by the College of Human Ecology for high school science teachers)

           Food Safety

           Biotechnology, Irradiation



Tennessee Dietetics Association and Knoxville Dietetics Association

          Emerging Technologies in Food Science

           Where Food Science Is Headed in the Future



Memphis Area Nutrition Council

           HACCP in the Food Industry


Tennessee Vocational Education Conference

           Food Safety Hazards



State Correctional Food Service Workers

          Irradiation and Biotechnology


WIC’s 25th Annual Meeting

           Food Safety for the Mother and Child - Where’s the Risk?


Nutrition Labeling and Education Act

           I was trained by the FDA on this Act and delivered many programs in this area - Including In-Service to FCS Agents, SAAS, Sorghum Association, Starting Food Business Workshops, Knoxville and Tennessee Dietetic Associations, Ag 101 (3 sessions)


UT Science Club

           Food Irradiation


Agricultural Steering Committee

           Adding Value to the Food Industry


Deli Food Safety

           Kroger Area Managers


Agent In-Service Training

           “Hazards-R-Us” - Food Safety

           Emerging Issues in Food Science - (Interactive TV)

           Utilization of Microbman Videos - (Interactive TV)

           Home Food Preservation (6)

           Biotechnology and Natural Toxicants

           Nutrition Labeling and Education Act

           Food Safety, Train-the-Trainer (Slide set and narrative developed)

           University of Tennessee Food Safety Certificate Course (Train-the-Trainer)

           SERVSAFE - National Restaurant Food Safety Certification Course


Food Safety Training

          SHARE Employees (Volunteer Food Bank)




Sorghum Processing Workshops

           Blairsville, Georgia and Hartsell, Alabama (2)


Starting Your Own Food Manufacturing Business (Organizer/Co-Instructor)

           Chattanooga (2), Nashville (2), Knoxville (2), Memphis, Morristown

           Alabama Health Department


Southeastern Regional Apple Cider Safety Workshop (Co-Instructor)

           Troy, Sevierville


“E-Z Stop” convenience Store Food Safety Training Workshop



Seafood HACCP Alliance Workshop (Co-Instructor)

           Memphis, Nashville


Food Safety and Quality Workshop

An Introduction to Food Safety and Microbiology and Basics of HACCP





Better Process Control School (Co-Instructor)

           Knoxville, Nashville

          Covington (2) (Industry specific for SLIMFAST, aseptic processing)


Meat and Poultry HACCP Workshops (3) (Co-Instructor)

           Knoxville, Nashville



           Food Irradiation - Tennessee Retail Grocers Association

           Food Production, Farm to Table - Tennessee Retail Grocers Association

           Sorghum Production and Processing - National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association

           Starting Your Own Food Business, with FDA - Tennessee State Fair, Nashville



           Mexico, Instutito Technologico y de Estudios Supervioies de Monterrey - Campus Queretoro

           Polish Delegation at UT - Entrepreneurship and Federal/State Regulations

           Russian Delegation at UT - Entrepreneurship and Federal/State Regulations



           Making Sorghum

           Whites Old Fashion Apple Butter

           “UT Next Door”

                 Tailgating Food Safety

                 Home Food Preservation



           Contributed to NSSPPA, Fruit News, TVOS, Tennessee Specialty Food Association



           Participated in Big Orange Tail Gate Party - helped coordinate the Vegetable Section (7)



           Fall, 1996 - Going The Extra Mile, Kelley Krohwinkel

           Winter, 1996 - who Can You Trust, J. Laurie Byrne

           Summer, 1997 - Is Your Wine Fine?, Kim Urquhart

           Spring, 2000 - Best, Jennifer Sparger



           “The Role of the Home Food Maker”

           “Can Apple Cider Make You Sick?”

           “How Safe Are Fresh Vegetable?”

           “What’s the Truth About Food Safety?”

           “Are You Prepared to Preserve Things From Your Garden?”



          Ag 101 - Speaker and Panel Discussions (6)

           FST 495 - Food Processing System Analysis and Evaluation (2)

           Public Health Seminar (2)



           Channels 6, 8 and 10

                 Cyclospora in Raspberries


                 E. Coli 0157:H7                                                           

                 Organic Foods

                 Nutritional Supplements

                 Hepatitis A Outbreak


                 Food Safety During Tailgate Parties





           Bell Buckle County Store (jams, jellies, sauces, dressings, salsa, desert toppings, drink mixes)

           Porky’s Gourment Foods (hot sauces, barbeque sauce, steak sauces)

           Hillcrest Orchard (apple butter)

           White’s Old Fashion Apple Butter (jams, jellies, butters)

           Big S Farms (hot sauces)

           Slawsa (relish)

           Austin Springs Jellorium (jams, jellies, dressings, sauces)

           Pepper Patch (Tipsy-T-Cakes, jams, jellies, sauces, relishes, dressings)

           Hail Caesar (dressings, marinades, flavored pasta)

           Tennessee-T-Cakes (specialty cakes)

           Kelly’s Katch (caviar)

           Jimmy Partello’s Italian Hot Sauce and Salsa

           Truffels & Triffels (gift baskets)

           Duck River Orchards (apple cider, fried pies, fudge)

           Brother’s Fine Food (hot pepper relish)

           Country Fresh Food & Confections (fudge)